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Name Delco Electronics

Associated Records

Image of 2001.041.0109 - Print, Photographic

2001.041.0109 - Print, Photographic

Aerial view of Delco Radio Plant on Home Ave, ca. 1950. The building on the left was originally the Haynes Automobile Body Shop, which Delco purchased from Crosley Radio in 1936. Delco Electronics was known as Delco Radio until 1970 and has supplied electronic parts for the automobile industry. Photo says is is "about 1940"

Image of 2003.031.fic.0075 - Print, Photographic

2003.031.fic.0075 - Print, Photographic

Aerial view of three Delco plants on South Home Ave.

Image of 2003.031.fic.0076 - Print, Photographic

2003.031.fic.0076 - Print, Photographic

Delco Electronics building on the U.S. 31 By-Pass.

Image of 2003.092.0396 - Print, Photographic

2003.092.0396 - Print, Photographic

Delco Plant on North Washington and Spraker streets.

Image of 2003.092.0573 - Print, Photographic

2003.092.0573 - Print, Photographic

Donald J. Atwood, Jr., General Manager of Delco Electronics Division of GM in Kokomo (1970-1974). Eventually went on to become the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense under President George H.W. Bush. He passed away in 1994.

Image of 2003.052.0020 - Print, Photographic

2003.052.0020 - Print, Photographic

View from the Gas Tower, looking northwest toward Delco/Delphi offices

Image of 1974.077.0060 - Print, Photographic

1974.077.0060 - Print, Photographic

Group of Delco Radio unidentified employees

Image of 1974.077.0049 - Print, Photographic

1974.077.0049 - Print, Photographic

Robert Davies (front left) and J. Gamblin (front right) with three other men on "retirement day" at Delco

Image of 1974.077.0050 - Print, Photographic

1974.077.0050 - Print, Photographic

Delco security guard and another unidentified man

Image of 1974.077.0051 - Print, Photographic

1974.077.0051 - Print, Photographic

People sitting at tables during a function in the Delco Lodge, April 20, 1966.

Image of 1974.077.0052 - Print, Photographic

1974.077.0052 - Print, Photographic

Seven members of the night maintenance crew at Delco Robert Davies is holding number 1 and Bob Hill is holding number 5

Image of 1974.077.0053 - Print, Photographic

1974.077.0053 - Print, Photographic

Nine employees of Delco inside their work area. Robert Davies is in back, third from the right .

Image of 1974.077.0054 - Print, Photographic

1974.077.0054 - Print, Photographic

Group of female Delco employees Front row (l-r): Betty Burget, Alice Baxter, Billie Elston, Lucille Woods, Nancy McDaniel, Jo Francis, Florence Bence, Madonna Streavel, Donna DeShon Row 2: Mary Watkins, Wilma Holaday, Wilma DesChamps, Edna Kidd, Norma Kerby, Mary Mikel, Martha Etherington, Florence Florek, Mabel Wagoner, Bea Dailey Row 3: Lula Barlow, Orean Pierce, Rilda Farmer

Image of 1974.077.0058 - Print, Photographic

1974.077.0058 - Print, Photographic

Unidentified group of Delco employees

Image of 1974.077.0143 - Print, Photographic

1974.077.0143 - Print, Photographic

Four couples at a car show (l-r): Dan Alsop, Lucille Alsop, ?,?, Lillian Cooper, Barry Cooper (Delco General Manager), ?, ?

Image of 2001.086.0014 - Print, Photographic

2001.086.0014 - Print, Photographic

Retirement party at Delco Radio for Charles Currens, ca. 1970. Charles is in the center, holding gifts.

Image of 2005.050.0008 - Transparency, Slide

2005.050.0008 - Transparency, Slide

Tornado damage to the lobby of Delco Electronics Research and Engineering building in Kokomo. Windows are blown out and framework is bent. Doors appear undamaged and curtains are still attached.

Image of 2005.050.0009 - Transparency, Slide

2005.050.0009 - Transparency, Slide

Tornado damage to the cafeteria of Delco Electronics Research and Engineering building. Windows are blown out and framework bent, but still standing.

Image of 2005.050.0010 - Transparency, Slide

2005.050.0010 - Transparency, Slide

Tornado damage to the water tank at Delco Electronics.

Image of 2007.004.0007 - Print, Photographic

2007.004.0007 - Print, Photographic

Helicopter lifting airconditioning unit to be placed on Delco Plant 9