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Name Civil War

Associated Records

Image of 2001.059.0003 - Print, Photographic

2001.059.0003 - Print, Photographic

Black and white scanned photo of Crawford Fawcett, Civil War veteran.

Image of 2002.001.0007 - Print, Photographic

2002.001.0007 - Print, Photographic

B/w photo of Ernest Garr (on the left) dressed in a Revolutionary War uniform. The man second from the left is dressed in a Mexican War uniform. The man second from the right is dressed in a Civil War uniform, and the man on the right is in a Spanish-American War uniform. The artwork bears the signature of Ernest Garr and is a banner with 23 stars, representing men in the service during World War I. It depicts the sale of World War I war bonds and is a large drawing of Columbia holding the Kaiser.

Image of 1941.059 - Print, Photographic

1941.059 - Print, Photographic

Photo of an artist's drawing of Benjamin Fye in a Civil War uniform, with musket, backpack, and kepi (cap). Typewritten description on back of photo reads: Benjamin Fye was born in Hagerstown, Ohio, July 18, 1840 was married to Katherine Long, June 9, 1864 at Casteen, Ohio. Was a private in 110th Ohio Voluntary Infantry for three years. He departed his life February 3, 1917 at the age of 76 years 6 months and 16 days. He with his wife united with the Presbyterian Church located on North 19th St., Richmond, Indiana, in 1892 one of the Charter Members of that church. His wife, Kate Long Fye, preceeded [sic] him to the land of bliss in 1897. He leaves 4 sons, 5 daughters,

Image of 1961.051.k - Print, Photographic

1961.051.k - Print, Photographic

Portrait of Dr. John Henry Stone in a G.A.R. uniform with cap and G.A.R. membership ribbon and medal.

Image of 1974.066.a - Print, Photographic

1974.066.a - Print, Photographic

Ross J. Haseltine in his Civil War uniform. Captain Ross J. Haseltine, 69th Ohio Vol. Infantry, Co. C. He enlisted in September 1861.

Image of 1940.075 - Print, Photographic

1940.075 - Print, Photographic

B/w postcard portrait of John W. Barnes sitting in a chair on a porch, holding a cane and waving at the photographer. Accession Book 38.1 - 61.86, page 120 reads as follows: Portrait of John W. Barnes - Born in Highland County, Ohio in 1847. At the age of 16, he enlisted in Co. G, 149th Ohio Volunteers. Discharged in four months. Came to Howard County in 1864. Elected County Supt. of Schools in May, 1878. Was the last Supt. to hold office in the courthouse built in 1868. One time prominent Kokomo Attorney. AW 3/1/2007.

Image of 1961.010.b - Print, Photographic

1961.010.b - Print, Photographic

Portrait of Orlando A. Somers wearing a G.A.R. medal. Accession Book 38.1 - 61.86, pg. 216: Photograph of Orlando A. Somers Old Label (ID# 61.10) - "Orlando A. Somers served in the Civil War and was elected Commander-in-Chief in August 1918 at the National Encampment of the G.A.R." AW 09/18/2014

Image of 1961.018.r - Print, Photocopy

1961.018.r - Print, Photocopy

B/w copy of a framed print of Captain William H. Sumption in his Civil War uniform. He was Capt. Co. E, 11th Indiana Volunteer Cavalry Accession Book 38.1 - 61.86, pg. 218: Framed picture of Captain William H. Sumption in Civil War uniform also negative

Image of 1950.002.c - Print, Photographic

1950.002.c - Print, Photographic

John Simmons Trees in Civil War uniform, sitting on a chair, holding a sword and with a pistol in his belt. He has the stripes of a sergeant. Accession Book: 3 x 5 cardboard frame of John Trees seated.

Image of 1938.304.d - Tintype

1938.304.d - Tintype

Portrait of a young man wearing a shirt or jacket, which could be a uniform jacket, buttoned up to the collar. Accession Book: 5 small pictures

Image of 1938.372 - Tintype

1938.372 - Tintype

Portrait of a young child. Accession Book: Child's Picture -- Picked up on a battlefield, during the Civil War.

Image of 1959.047.d - Tintype

1959.047.d - Tintype

Portrait of Hayden H. Rayburn, ca. 1861, while a young soldier, holding a musket and wearing a uniform with corporal stripes on the sleeves. He has a hat on with a gold colorized insignia. Parts of the musket and his ring are also in gold. He served in the 75th Indiana Volunteer Regiment.

Image of 1986.011.0002 - Tintype

1986.011.0002 - Tintype

Portrait of William A. Markland, when he was a young man, in a Civil War uniform. He is leaning against a "tent-like" studio prop, holding his rifle and wearing a belt across his chest, attached to a pouch. He also has a belt on his waist attached to a cartridge case and a bayonet. Cheeks and trousers have been colorized. Gold color has been added to his cap insignia, his buttons and his belt buckle.

Image of 2003.031.fic.0002 - Print, Photographic

2003.031.fic.0002 - Print, Photographic

Inscription on the Soldiers' and Sailors' monument in Crown Point Cemetery.

Image of 2003.031.fic.0143 - Print, Photographic

2003.031.fic.0143 - Print, Photographic

Monument listing the names of soldiers buried in the Pioneer Cemetery who served in the Civil War.

Image of 2003.031.fic.0457 - Print, Photographic

2003.031.fic.0457 - Print, Photographic

One side of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Crown Point, showing the statue of an infantryman from the Civil War.

Image of 2003.031.fic.0458 - Print, Photographic

2003.031.fic.0458 - Print, Photographic

Plaque on the Monument in Foster Park . (See Notes)

Image of 0834.a - Print, Photographic

0834.a - Print, Photographic

B/w charcoal image of Col. Willis Blanche Accession book - Picture: Col. Willis Blanche (May 25, 1825 to Sept. 13, 1892). Came to Howard County May 1842 - Civil War Veteran. Col. of 57th Ind. Volunteers 1861 - 1865. Married Anna Miriam Shaw, Oct. 17, 1847. Served State Legislature 1866-1868. Director of Northern Prison 1868-1870. Sheriff of Howard County 1872-1874. Picture was property of granddaughter Miss Edna Blanche Osburn. Given to museum by Mrs. Ellis M. Learner, a granddaughter of Col. Blanche. See notes

Image of 2003.027.0091 - Print, Photocopy

2003.027.0091 - Print, Photocopy

Civil War veterans. Donor's grandfather, Nathan A. Hope, was a veteran of the Civil War, and is standing in the center with his coat open, wearing a tie and holding a cane.

Image of 2003.092.0001 - Print, Photographic

2003.092.0001 - Print, Photographic

Dr. J. H. Stone (left) with a fellow Civil War veteran at a G.A.R. Convention