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Image of 1999.009.0001 - Print, Photographic

1999.009.0001 - Print, Photographic

Image is a photograph taken from another photograph. Back of photo has written "Rod Mill Kokomo, IN 1903." Photo depicts five men posing inside a mill, which was part of Continental Steel, surrounded by large steam engine equipment. An "x" marked above the second man from the left may represent Herb Pickering of Hemlock, IN, who is identified in some of the other photographs in this collection. One of the machines is a "Bates Corliss." In acc. file: printout of photographs. V.Molino 04/03/2014

Image of 1999.009.0002 - Print, Photographic

1999.009.0002 - Print, Photographic

B/w photograph depicting nine men holding shovels and other tools and standing over a set of railroad tracks near Hemlock. The top of the image has written in black, "section hands Herb worked with 1904." The man second from left is identified as Herb Pickering when he was 20 years old.

Image of 1999.009.0003 - Print, Photographic

1999.009.0003 - Print, Photographic

B/w photo, ca. 1900, depicting 10 men wearing baseball uniforms, surrounded with baseball equipment. Five of the players' uniforms have "Hemlock" sewn on the shirts. John L. Johnson is in the front row, 2nd from the left. Herb Pickering is identified with an "x" as the man sitting on a stool in the center. Oscar Pickering is identified with an "x" as 3rd from the left in the back.

Image of 1999.009.0004 - Print, Photographic

1999.009.0004 - Print, Photographic

B/w image depicts nine men standing in front of a wagon. Man on the far left is holdng a rifle, while one man is sitting in the wagon holding the reigns for two horses. Top of the photograph has written in black ink, "fishing gang Herb with cap on age 21" Back of photo has written "Hemlock, IN Howard County 1905 Herb Pickering with "X" "

Image of 2000.006.0007 - Print, Photographic

2000.006.0007 - Print, Photographic

Two groups of people overlooking property damageafter a tornado in 1942. Near the foreground is a child's tricycle.

Image of 2000.006.0020 - Print, Photographic

2000.006.0020 - Print, Photographic

A man standing under a badly damaged tree after a tornado in 1942. In the background are two houses missing their roofs.

Image of 2000.006.0024 - Print, Photographic

2000.006.0024 - Print, Photographic

Several people walking in front of a house where the porch roof has fallen in after a tornado in 1942.

Image of 2000.010.0005 - Print, Photographic

2000.010.0005 - Print, Photographic

B/w interior photo of the Courtland Hotel's front desk. Standing behind the half-door (the postal telegraph counter) is an unidentified woman and man. Behind the front desk from left to right is Mr. Sidney Wyrick and Sidney Jones.

Image of 2000.010.0009 - Print, Photographic

2000.010.0009 - Print, Photographic

B/w interior photo of the Courtland Hotel's lunch counter with two unidentified waitresses posing behind it. An unidentied man is sitting on a stool at one end of the counter.

Image of 2000.011.0006 - Print, Photographic

2000.011.0006 - Print, Photographic

B/w photo depicting a different toy locomotive engine from the one in the museum's collection. This train may be the earlier one James Albert Dillon built in Anderson, IN. The image depicts two children posing at opposite ends of the engine.

Image of 2001.009.0001 - Print, Photographic

2001.009.0001 - Print, Photographic

A large number of Ku Klux Klan members at a Klan rally in Kokomo on November 11, 1922. At the bottom of the photo: "Kokomo's Klansmen pays [sic] tribute to fourth anniversary Armistice Day. Invisible empire 'Knights of the Ku-Klux-Klan.-' Kokomo, Ind. Nov. 11th 1922." Some are carrying flags, some are carrying signs, and one has a tuba. The signs read: "We were here yesterday - We are here today - And are here forever," "Duty without fear and without reproach," and "We believe in the tenents of the Christian Religion."

Image of 2001.009.0002 - Print, Photographic

2001.009.0002 - Print, Photographic

Large group of Ku Klux Klan members, standing and facing a group of men in suits who are kneeling on one knee in September 1922. One klansman is holding a sign which reads "Kokomo Klan," while a cross is burning in the background. At bottom of photo: "KU KLUX KLAN INITIATION CLASS - Midnight, Sept., 1922 - Kokomo, Ind."

Image of 1977.669 - Print, Photographic

1977.669 - Print, Photographic

Print, Photographic: Matted BW photo of thirteen elderly men and women. Taken on steps of a public building. 8" x 10". 8" x 10" photo of elderly men & women - in mat. Per Acc. Bk. 62.1 - 77.891, pg. 441. AW 9/3/2009.

Image of 2001.023.0009 - Print, Photographic

2001.023.0009 - Print, Photographic

Man standing with cane leaning against wooden post wearing three-piece suit along with a small woman dressed in long multi-layered dress standing in front of wooden railing. Inscription: Maggie Minott. Belle Plaine. Pana (sp?). Age 20 years.

Image of 2001.023.0015 - Print, Photographic

2001.023.0015 - Print, Photographic

Group of fourteen people pictured in a wooded area, with four of them identified. It is an outdoor snapshot in a park like setting that appears to be several generations. Inscription Tom Irvin, Fred B., Jessie, Freddie. Approx. 1898.

Image of 2001.023.0016 - Print, Photographic

2001.023.0016 - Print, Photographic

Six women and a little black dog in a carriage. Inscription: Aunt Bird.

Image of 2001.024.0001 - Postcard

2001.024.0001 - Postcard

Picture of two men and a boy on a mule-drawn carriage with four men standing in the background. (Postcard was found in a 1940 Sargasso.)

Image of 2001.024.0003 - Print, Photographic

2001.024.0003 - Print, Photographic

Picture two rows of children standing taken in front of Central School when the donor was in the 8th grade. (See Notes) Row 1 (l-r): ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, George Wooley Row 2: Paul Mayfield, ?, ?, Clark Smith, ?, Jim Smith, ? Chesterson

Image of 1979.002.0002 - Print, Photographic

1979.002.0002 - Print, Photographic

Odd Fellows Lodge at Center, Indiana. c. 1905. Most individuals identified on back of picture. On floor in front (l-r): C. O. Miller, Augustus Cosand Seated: John Hercules, Luke Hercules, Dr. W. H. Hull, Omer Hatton, Jasper Collins, Neil Hercules, Eugene Hatton, Bert Cox Standing: Tom Sutton, George Ingels, Wylie Collins, ?, Billie Nain, Dora Hapner, ?, ?, ?

Image of 2001.036.0002 - Print, Photographic

2001.036.0002 - Print, Photographic

Panoramic black & white photo of YMCA men's Bible class taken in a gymnasium. Oscar Schnell, D. R. Peck, Charles P. Spradling, Jess J. Aughe, W. N. Moffitt, Earl B. Stevens, E. E. Parker, Tom Parker, A. D. Kelly, J. F. Drake, S. E. Thompson, J. H. (?) Rahn, J. M. Jacobs, H. D. Jeter, William Snyder Jr., Frank Jonson, Burtch Davis, Sam McClelland, Arthur Storms, John Rosenheimer, Charles Ulsafer, John McGee, H. E. Kramer, Tom A. Cooper, A. M. Rusher, R. O. Warren, E. C. Fassler, Earl Orem, C. C. Kerlin, H. Lee Kerlin, Owen Sellers, Clyde Spraker, Wilbur Fisher, P. A. Eikenberry, H. A. Rayburn, Clarence Hunt, Frank Graves, H. C. Burrell, Carl Blossey, C. C. Murphy, Armon Duneau, Lew Jordan